Jose H. Villarreal

Art is one of my Passions. Chicano art in general and the form that some have come to call "Aztlan Realism" is the genre that I most enjoy. Aztlan Realism is the most revolutionary aspect of Chicano art which portrays the contempary Chicano realisty of life and struggle in TODAYS Aztlan.

​Some say politics should be kept out of art but this is not possible as all art is political, only some is more obvert than others. Those who claim they stay away from politics in their are still supporting the socio-political and economic reality we live under by NOT addressing todays oppression. This works to strengthen injustice by remaining silentein the presence of oppression. My art seeks to raise awareness and inspire not only Chicanos but all freedom loving people around the globe.

​As a cultural worker currently based in a super max torture center my art is mostly prison related. It shows the horrendous conditions prisoners exist in and the struggle for Human rights in prison.