Jose H. Villarreal

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This site is meant to give a Chicano voice to the struggles for social justice. From behind prison walls I examine and attempt to advance political theory, progressive art, and proletarian literature and U.S. prisons for all lovers of peace and democracy. I am a Chicano prisoner who become politically conscious while in prison, this transformation has manifested in my cultural work and prison activism more general.   I have been imprisoned since 2001 and held in the “hole” since 2006. I will be released from prison in 2017. It is from within the repressive nature of solitary confinement where I find my resistance and regain my humanity. It is this transformation which I share with you in this site in the hope that it adds to the struggle for human rights and provides a clear thrust for the Chicano movement in particular.  Permission is granted to print or post articles, art or poetry from this website as long as credit is noted to:
Jose H. Villarreal.
I published a book containing over 200 pieces of my art. Please contact me to purchase a copy.

Aztlan Realism: Chicano Revolutionary Art from Pelican Bay S.H.U
Cost $50 per book

Books can be purchased by using Paypal, check or money order made to “Aztlan Press”

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